Love of Reading

Summertime is a break for children from school, but it should not be a break from learning. It is a terrific time to explore the world around us and continue the job of learning that happens every day, even in the summer! Reading with your child is an especially great way to help your child develop a love of reading and become an all-around better reader.

So what can you do to help your child become a better reader? The answer is simple: READ! Read every single chance you get. Suggest different types of books and topics and take note of what sparks a genuine interest in your child.

There are always opportunities to read - some you may have never even thought about are right there in front of you. Here are some fantastic ways to get your child excited about reading over the summer months:

  • Read in the morning by reading the newspaper comics with your child, read the weather report, read their cereal boxes, read street signs, read the names on delivery trucks as you drive. It's almost like a game to children and the excitement is extraordinary.
  • Find something your child likes to do and get books and/or articles about the topic. Read together about his or her topics of interest such as cooking, kites, animals, flying - the possibilities are endless.
  • Model reading. Read the newspaper, magazines, and books around your child. Do not force your child to read if he or she doesn't want to. Do not punish your child by making him or her read. If you do this, you are sending the message that reading is negative, and the message we want to send students is that reading is wonderful!
  • Go to the public library and allow your child to explore. Allow him or her to experience all the wonderful opportunities the library has to offer!

In elementary school, you'll see your child make the transition from learning to read to reading to learn. Now is the time to get your child involved in books and storytelling - it will stay with him or her for life!

Have a great week. To continued great learning!

My best,



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