Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsor Levels and Benefits:

Platinum Sponsor of $10,000 or more

  • Donations from Platinum Sponsors make it possible for students to have state-of-the-art computer libraries, gymnasiums, music rooms and more.
  • Platinum Sponsors receive facilities named in their honor, such as “The Brad Smith Computer Center,” or “The Brad Smith Recreation Center.”


Gold Sponsor of $5,000

  • Gold Sponsors provide up-to-date equipment for student classrooms.
  • Gold Sponsors receive classrooms named in their honor, such as “The Brad Smith Second Grade Class.”


Silver Sponsor of $1,000

  • Donations from Silver Sponsors help us buy new desks, blackboards, cubbies, or even chalk.
  • Silver Sponsors receive a plaque in their names, which hangs on our Silver Sponsor wall.


Tax Credit Sponsor
The State Tax Credit incentive allows you to give up to $400 for couples or $200 per individual in tax credit toward Liberty. The entire amount is a tax deduction (dollar for dollar). Mail in your check with a Tax Credit Form to one of our schools and we will send you a receipt that can be deducted from your state taxes.

All mailed checks must be mailed with a postmark dated before or on December 31 to be eligible for tax credit for this year.

To learn more about corporate charitable giving or donations, please call us at 602-442-8791.

Click here to download the 2013 Tax Credit form.


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